The “Self” Code

Hello 2015!

This is my first blog post of 2015 and I want to talk about “the girl code” or rather “the self code”. As females we should respect OUR privacy and not scandal our business to other females. Especially when you have only known them for less than 24hrs or less than a week. Some females tend to be very talkitive with their personal business.
For example, let me just talk about a few things I am referring to, which is from experience and if you do any of these, please be a lady and stop. So here we go….

1. The “Bae”
Ugh yes I said bae, you start talking about which guy you were recently talking to, why he left you, things he did to you, what you put up with, which other girl he use to talk to and on top of that slander her appearance and personality along with showing a few pics of the “other” girl.

2. The Family
I really don’t need to know the problems you are facing, such as, WHY you moved out, WHY you and your mom don’t talk, or HOW your dad is horrible and you hate him. (Personally I get sad when someone says bad things about their dad, even tho I know some dads aren’t really “fathers”).
Yes, you can tell me but I need no explanation to WHY and HOW, and if you talk shxt about your family that’s my cue to put u on the back burner of life. Girl it’s going to be easy for you to talk shxt about me, I see that CLEAR

3. Your annoying female friend
Why do you constantly complain about how annoying this one girl is and then you going to allow her to come at your house, go places with her and after you are finish being the two face that you are, the complaining continues.

4. The Ex that got away
I think its time to move on, I don’t need to know about the guy you were going to marry but because of “circumstances” you didn’t marry him and now its 2015 and he is happily married, but you “know” something is still there with you and him.


5. Complaining about the SIMPLEST of things.
Just please STOP, then you repeat the same thing over and over and over again. UGH annoying.

6. Searching for a man


” I need someone to love me and take care of me”

Girl love YOURSELF and take care of YOURSELF. You don’t need a man, you need to just relax, be patient, stay FOCUS and PRAY.

At the end of the day, men want their lady to be successful and smart. Trust me its part of the “Showing off my girl” process.

So if you know that you do any of the above to someone you only have known for less than a day or less than a week, you need to stop because girls are MEAN.. All we going to do is laugh and that is the sad truth about reality. Don’t look for sympathy just be strong and know that

to appreciate the sunshine we must go through the storm.

Don’t get me wrong, talking about your problems to someone you have known for years and you can TRUST is always a good thing, because we all have problems we want and need to get off our chest from time to time.

Thanks For Reading.

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