I am Human

Live life to the best of your ability. Avoid the negativity that is eating you alive.

The struggles I face, persons don’t think they are struggles but because I always laugh and always smiling I don’t know how to convince someone that I am not having a good day, not just a good day but I have not been having a good day for weeks now.

But I can’t…

I don’t know how to explain to someone after being the perky individual that I was that I really didn’t have a good week. And the sad part is no one would ever believe me. -_-

I sometimes think humans that I am close to, forget that I am actually human and can feel what they feel or experience what they experience . I kinda want to be away from all of that, I want people to know that I am NOT PERFECT and I definitely DO NOT HAVE A PERFECT LIFE.

If persons knew how often I cried, or how often I get sad they would  be shocked..

I don’t know why… but they would

I get questions like.. ” do you ever get sad?” or ” Do you ever get miserable?”

uhmm… yes..

The difference between myself and a lot of persons is that I do not allow it to get the best of me, I don’t allow it for me to NOT smile or for me to have a nasty attitude towards people. I am one of the nicest persons I know… I think if everyone had my attitude and well mannered attributes the World would be a better place. This is not self praise or this is not me being cocky but this is me being sure of myself and knowing the difference between negativity and positivity  and the way to handle both.

I must be doing a good job for someone to think my life is perfect ( see i look on that in a positive light), I must be doing something right..WRIGHT?

But I want for persons to see my imperfections because I am proud of who I am. I cry, I get sad, I think my life won’t work out, I have moments where this is the end of the world, I get upset, I get confused, I don’t always smile, I have sad faces, I eat junk food,  sometimes I am too lazy to get out of bed, I can spend the entire day in bed just crying, I have gone an entire day without brushing my teeth, I don’t always want to exercise.


I am Kris-Ann Wright and I am perfectly imperfect human being just trying to water her own grass and is too busy to notice anyone else’s.


Thanks For Reading 

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