May 25, 2017 

10:08 am

Heading to work and stopped for coconut, I got coconut water to wash off my heart, PLUS the coconut man lifted it up and blessed it before he chopped it open.

this made me happy, oh and he is JAMAICAN of course!

I love my people and my culture! 


I am alive & a believer. 

I am a strong believer that I am going to be the greatest. It is not being too cocky when you believe in yourself, it’s always good to be your number one fan. 

& for that same reason, Muhammad Ali will forever be one of my many role models, he didn’t care about people. All he knew is that he was going to be the G R E A T E S T and he was…(RIP).

He created an entire legacy and that is exactly what I am aiming for. 

As I got older, wiser and braver, I have been discovering that people who I thought was going to be in my life forever and I felt like they needed to be in my life forever was a


The  older I got I started pulling MORE away from the crowd….just people…

I felt the need to do this because…


People who wanted to participate in activities I had no interest in… (For e.g I rather go to my bed early on a Friday night so I can be energetic for some community service projectI have going on for the Saturday morning. Some would call that boring but I call it a lifestyle…I will be able to pop bottles eventually…I just dont have interest in popping them right now lol)

People were taking up too much of my ME TIME….which involved a number of activities and self development stuff.

yes I said STUFF

It is very annoying when you surround yourself with people who drains your energy, they always have something negative to say or they are just complaining about how they treat people vs how people treat them.

It gets tiring eventually….

I don’t mean to be harsh but sometimes you just have to SUCK IT UP!

Seriously …just suck it up… GET OVER IT!

Be strong for YOURSELF!  

My life got better, work got better, school got better, my energy increased, spent more time with myself, improvement in my attitude, happier me, appreciated the time with myself, discovered more about myself and what I really enjoyed doing & what I LOVE.

Honestly, the best thing that happened to me was realizing that not everyone belongs in my space or life. 

Seriously.. they are not welcomed in my life, much less my space.

That’s just life really. Not being mean or a bitch.

It is really just L I F E  


I want to tell you that you are smart, charming and beautiful.. well mostly because you are reading my blog and your reached this far! lol JOKE you really are a beauty and a happy soul.

Always remember that!

However what I really want to say is be very careful of who you let into your space and LIFE. You might think people are protecting you… but really they are just blocking your blessings, by trying to get you to see life they way they do.

Seriously…Let them go.

Your life & your energy is not worth it. 


That energy can be invested in doing anything you want to do which will be one of your


Instead I have surrounded myself with people who challenge me everyday!

both in my… 


People who have new ideas, people who want me to help them with their ideas, people who want to teach me, people who correct me when I am wrong, people who ask me questions and I have to give smart answers, people who I can ask questions and receive smart answers, people who encourage me, people who identify that I am not okay- but they know that I am a champ deep down and can defeat anything in my way, people who tell me to get my ass out of bed-reminding me that I am not the only one in the world that has shit to deal with. 

These people are my favourite type of people.

There is really a reason some people made it to the Chief Executive Officer seat while others didn’t. 

There is a reason for everything & if you REALLY want something just work hard for it! 





Thanks For Reading! 

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