The Best Version of Yourself

September 1, 2017

& I continue to count my blessings

8:10 am  



I woke up feeling inspired and motivated..


I am here blogging ! 

I have life, I got to see September of 2017

I am Thankful & Grateful !

Hello MY BEAUTIFUL READERS, thank you! 🙂 

Thank you for reading my thoughts and I am so sorry for being such a delinquent blogger, seriously, I am so bad! I call myself a blogger but blogs every three months (lol..yes I am dramatic)

I wish you could see the huge smile on my face right now.. .

Wait it is 2017…LET ME SHOW YOU! 

I am Thankful
I am Grateful

Yes I am pretty cold at the moment… hence my Taliban appearance, I am seriously happy to be inspired this Friday morning. I have been surrounding myself with greatness and positivity and I have just been making some really cool moves! 


(the kettle is whistling….let me go make my green tea…BRB)

Yea I am back…


Ahhhhh 🙂

That lovely warmth of green tea flowing down my throat, while listening to awesome music, big up mi selecta Youtube inna the early Friday morning yah! The playlist tun up and is inspiring me…as I blog I will post the link to the song that is currently playing, if I have an inspiring thought about that particular song, I will definitely post the link, 

OH!  Look on my cup!

Thankful & Grateful ALWAYS!



I love to see inspiring quotes everywhere! Even if it is my tea cup that I will be drinking from every morning 

As I woke this morning, I went on youtube and this was the first song I selected, I saw that it was uploaded approximately 8 hours ago, so it is pretty new.. so clearly it is my first time listening and it is awesome!!!!!

I played it like 4 times or more before I allowed Youtube to do it’s job lol

Keznamdi – So (W)Right (LOL)

At the end of this song he says:

” Beyond music, is also a concept and, is really about just being free from any kind of limitation above all fears, insecurities and doubts and  just really being the best version of yourself”

Music really gets me going and it can be very positive & inspiring, I LOVE IT! 

Ok guys…

I said I would blog my adventures, but it is not that easy ..when you are travelling and then all you want to do is sleep! Pretty much thats all I want to do at the end of the days, as of late!

August has been the most adventurous month of my entire life, seriously!



Crazy adventures and I loved every minute of them!

My soul is filling up!

I love changes, change is what makes me who I am, my life is totally different from last year, better than the year before, and better than the year before that year (LOL)

I am in a better place with a peace of mind that keeps me going and the reason for this is that; over the years I have learned how to be in control of :



 With the help of God and the Universe I am well on my way 🙂

I am going to be great you know…because I will ensure that I am going to be great…

If you keep up with my blog, you will experience my adventures too. I just have to get my life together, more organized and to find time for blogging.

I appreciate you for reading…

I really do.  

I have  been reading and working out… same old …same old. I am working on my abs and my Yoga to get my leg around my neck ( you’re welcome future husband…one day you will be thanking your wife at 23 & 24) 

Now listing to Winning (W)right Now 

I am definitely a walking W..

(No it is not what you are thinking.. it is not because my name is WRIGHT)

I have been learning from my Ls, ALL my mistakes.

I am still learning and I really don’t want to stop ever learning…


I am looking forward to learning from the younger generations to come.

 I STILL make decisions and moves, that after it is all made and done, I look back and I am like

“Kris-Ann ..seriouslyyyy…likeeee….WHY?…Why would you even do that????”

& I just shrug and say my mistake is not me and I move on, I learn and I do better because at the end of the day that is the


Being better than the person I was an hour ago…it is that simple

(well not really, it takes a lot of discipline which can be extremely hard some days)

Now listening to Romain Virgo – God Inna Me Corner

Yes, I know there are people out there who wants to see me fail, but I don’t care!!!

GREAT PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS have people that want to see them fail but GOD is in my corner and he will help me WIN!.

I give him praise everyday, I just know he keeps blessing me. He is my protector, with every decision I make, he is behind it. All when mi mess up, he just wants me to learn because no man or woman is perfect. 

I sure ain’t.

Now Listening to KELISSA ft CHRONIXX – WINNA

” Good Morning Mr. Obstacles, how are you doing today? If I am living, I have to live it up no matter the feeling, I got to get up!” 

” Tell the man in the mirror you are a winna! Yea you can do it! You are a champion! You can get through it!”

I continue to focus on being the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF, somedays are harder than some but what matters is that I NEVER STOP TRYING, I really don’t.

I tell myself to KEEP GOING because harder days are ahead and so is SUCCESS! I can say I really try to have a strong mentality but I also break, which is totally normal for us humans.

It it really okay to cry and just lay in bed and wallow in your feelings. SERIOUSLY!

I do it ALL the time!

However I don’t wallow forever, I push myself to at least do something that would benefit me, even if it is taking a shower, brushing my teeth and going back in bed to wallow in my feelings. (lol thats is super fine, trust me)

Sweetheart don’t ever be hard on yourself, greatness is also within you!

The world will be such a wonderful place if everybody won! 

I want you to WIN!

So get up and do something that will make you better! Even if it is to go for a walk for  five minutes without your phone, just you and your thoughts. Simple things are what matter and baby steps are what matter. 

Everyday I strive and I just literally think on how to be a better me and how to establish my legacy.

I am really doing this for my legacy, I know me, I know my capabilities and I have greatness within!!!

I wont ever stop emphasizing on the fact that you need to be a


I seriously WONT! 



I end this blog with

 Dre Island – We Pray ft. Popcaan

This song makes me feel really good, it give me a happy feeling, that motivation, that drive 

“We Pray” 

” Blessings have to flow, when the prayer gone up. Not a evil can harm us, dem think we done, when we just wam up” 



Thanks For Reading! 

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