Final Lap 2017!

December 28, 2017


I have been stalling on this December blog…but today is the day.

So this is it…2017 came and it ended…just like that. I am absolutely thankful for 2017…I accomplished so many goals that I set out to and feels great.

Exceptional really.

However there are much more to do…so much more to accomplish!

Each time I reach a new level in my life that I initially wanted to reach I always feel as if I need to do more!

I have attained the goal and I feel like this is not it…there has to be more.

One thing I learn about myself is that an accomplishment is never an accomplishment. Not really sure how to explain this but I am only satisfied for a short period of time. I get a slight feeling of being pleased with myself, also proud and then something goes off in my head and then I get back on the grind….

“This can’t be it” I often tell myself “work harder” is just another self motivation saying.

(yes I talk to myself…all the time)

“You’re gonna do great Kris!” 💕

I ALWAYS have that feeling of ‘I am not doing enough, I need to do more’. I constantly push myself…I try to keep outside opinions on a minimum…I acknowledge them with respect, however at the end of the day I know what is best and even if it’s not best I still win because

Lesson Learned!

😆✊(why isn’t this giving me the option to be black?) lol found it ✊🏿

Anyways moving on….

For 2018 I think everyone should have daily, affirmations such as:

“I am great”

“I am strong”

“I will overcome”

“I am success”

“I am loved”

“I am happy”

Tell yourself great things, it’s all about bringing in old positivity and new positive vibes in 2018!

Leave all negativity. I repeat



What has 2017 taught me:


This year has taught me a lot of self love, showed me how to appreciate the people I have in my life, taught me discipline, patience, some more patience, nothing last forever (a never ending lesson), limitations don’t exist …oh no they certainly don’t, change is refreshing, change is needed, 2017 taught me how to value myself, value my opinions, appreciate being alone, not to settle for mediocrity or to settle any at all, to think long term, give more of yourself than what is expected of you.

Exceed limits & Adjust

Are just a few of the lessons

2018 is going to be great I am claiming it!

Ready to see you 2018, ready to jump all obstacles that I will face, ready to let bad days be bad days, ready to continue being happy !

Happy Girl!

Thanks God.

I owe a lot to God and my family ❤️

I am truly blessed and I know it!😀



I took a Selfie after finishing this blog!🤳🏿 #Happiness #CurrentSituation

Thanks for reading!😘

Just know that I appreciate you for reaching this for in reading this!

Stay blessed!


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