Self Assurance Wins

Day 298/ 365

Hi Guys! 👋🏿 

I am already thanking you for clicking on to my blog! 

Here goes! 😝

Thoughts of a 20 Something year old! ❤️💋

I have discovered that when someone does not have self assurance or they believe they lack something and is just unsure of themselves in certain aspects…. 

They act different from those of a winning mindset.

People like that will try to dampen your  journey and spirit. Hoping that you will stop shining in all your wonderful glory while basking in your happiness that you have brought on yourself. They will try to crush your soul and they would not like it when opportunities come your way


Not everyone is for you….🤷🏿‍♀️

Matter of fact, just a few are for you and many are against you!

There are persons that you think are empowering, you think are leaders, you think they would love to see others grow and flourish but then you they will find ways to stop your shine due to their own insecurities.

I send persons like that my blessings.🙂💋

Dash out di blessings pon dem-

I pray I never have that kind of mindset and I thank God for showing me those persons in the world. I claim and pray that my self assurance will remain in high hopes, glory  and continue to grow no matter what!


I  understand that the sky is the limit and it is big enough for everyone to explore and soar.

Please Understand that too.

Hun. 🤗💋




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Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿




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