My heart stopped beating 11 years ago but I am still alive.


December 14, 2018

11 years ago, on this day, my Dad died…. it still hurts but I have gained a lot of strength over the years. 


Dear Dad,

How are you my King?

I miss you so much…

Dad, I can vividly remember  the last time you dropped me to school, hours before you died. I remember  you were running late and usually I would get mad because being punctual was so important to me in high school and still is in life…

Remembering that morning and thinking, there was a reason behind me not getting flustered. I was rather calm, just observing you while you hastily gathered your things, trying your best to get me to school on time, not knowing that God was indirectly telling me

” Have a good look, because this is the last time”

Daddy you made me one angry teenager for mom to deal with, however I overcame. Mommy and I are best friends, we do everything together once we are in the same country.

I just didn’t understand why you died, why the world had to loose such an amazing human-being, a father figure to many, all my friends thought you were such a cool dad lol and I would always say “ he is okay…” but you were indeed amazing. 

Nicolas Johnson says you are his dad too, lol he always say “our daddy” . He says you were the only one that didn’t give up on him and you know what, he is doing so great Dad, I am extremely proud of him.

Remember when you use to buy my lunch in the mornings so I didn’t have to wait in the line at lunchtime and you also took my bag to my up to the classroom in Prep school ?

I didn’t get to Thank you for that, so thank you daddy, I truly appreciate you!

Remember when I didn’t like you kissing me when you dropped me off at school in the mornings?.. Especially when I started high school…lol. Well truth be told, I would do anything for those kisses right now !

I tell everyone that you were so strict and over the years, I became grateful and very thankful for that. You gave me freedom, however to a certain extent. You allowed me to go to certain places and events once you approved, for sure you were the one to drop me and pick me up and if you couldn’t do it. You told Marcel to and you also told him to ensure that He protects me. 

Thanks for warning me about the male species from a young age. You were right about them. Lol 

Thanks for teaching me how to value myself, thanks for being a good role model so I know what to look for in a man, thanks for teaching me the values of life and the importance of having independence and education.

Daddy thanks for all that you did and said while on earth, thanks for all the weekend trips, thanks for all the Sunday beach days, thanks for all the love and kindness.

On some days of I think too hard I remeber our Daddy Daughter Miami trip that didn’t happen because you died days before and man that surely hurts, I was pretty siked to be going on a trip with JUST US! Panama with mom happened and I was looking forward to Miami with dad! But daddy don’t worry, I am stronger, wiser, I am understanding that things happen for a reason, I am doing pretty good to be honest and I know I am a very blessed individual that have great parents 💕

& thanks for always coming to my rescue at nights when I would scream “daddy” at the top of my lungs, because I woke up and realized I was in my own room, alone. 😂 

You were amazing 🤗💋


Ready, Aim, Fire..21 gun salutes for you daddy!

R.I.P Inspector W.K Wright, a man who served and protected his family and country 💋🤗


Love always,

Your wash belly 💕



2 thoughts on “My heart stopped beating 11 years ago but I am still alive.

  1. Your dad will be proud of the woman you are today. Beautiful inside and out, intelligent and filled with positive energy. Stay blessed 🙂 Much respect for the Inspector.

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