May 13, 2019


Dear Maria,ย 

I understand the way you are feeling.

I get it and its okay….woman to woman just take deep breaths, go for a run, do some yoga and stretches so your blood can flow.ย 

I definitely know that nauseous feeling Maria…when the workload, stress and anxiety takes over and suddenly it seems as if there isnโ€™t enough space for your heart or lungs the way your chest hurts.

Breathing suddenly hurts and maybe not having a heart is not such a bad idea. Right?

Trust me I know. ย 

Relax Maria, take it one step at a time and remember all the obstacles and hurdles in your way will make you stronger and wiser.

Go get some rest.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


Krissy Wilby

#LoveLetters #Motivateย 


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